Masters’ Class: From Data to Decision

The Division of Mathematical Modeling (DMM) hosted a Masters’ Class, called From Data to Decision: How to Integrate Modeling Methodologies to Inform Public Health Policy. The goal of this meeting was to allow historical collaborators from our Canadian Consortium for Pandemic Preparedness Modeling (CanPan) network, and our expanded network of colleagues that has assembled since the 2009 pandemic, to describe the applicability of their expertise in facilitating a further integration of modeling into the public health decision making structure.  Invitees were current world-class experts in academic mathematical modeling, industry, medical fields, and public health policy. The lectures that invitees gave addressed fundamental questions from mathematical modelers, physicians, health practitioners and policy makers that would facilitate constructive steps toward further implementation of mathematical modeling into public health. The objective of the forum was to help one another with this integrative process, and raise issues of contention that block the development of trust and understanding.