Bahman Davoudi, PhD

Research Scientist, Division of Mathematical Modeling, UBC CDC

Dr. Bahman Davoudi is a Research Scientist with the Division of Mathematical Modeling at the University of British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (UBCCDC). Dr. Davoudi received his Ph.D. in condensed matter physics from Sharif University and Technology in Tehran, Iran. Dr. Davoudi completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship at Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, Italy. He later went on to complete a second fellowship position with the Physics Department of Sherbrooke University in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Dr. Davoudi’s research at UBCCDC focuses on the mathematical modeling of disease spread within specific subsets of the population. He is interested in developing and modeling an analytical or numerical methodology capable of examining both the dynamical and statistical aspects of disease spread. This methodology will provide an estimate of the speed and the configuration of disease spread, thus facilitating the development of an effective intervention plan. Dr. Davoudi is also interested in developing a platform that will enable general users to code and study an arbitrary disease within a well-defined model.